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Hexadot is a contemporary and unique interior design company. Working with high-end clients from London and all across the world, we bring a sense of class to everything we do. We can work on a single space design, such as a kitchen, all the way up to a full house design. Hexadot has a full team behind us ready to help create and execute your vision. Whilst we have a contemporary style in what we do, the client's needs always come first and we have a multitude of designers ready to work across several styles.
At Hexadot we explore every option and color scheme, making sure we create the most unique space for you.

Beyond creating a unique space we can provide tailored furniture packs for every space. We aim to create furniture packages suited to each individual layout, style, and the client themselves. This could mean styling an entire complex and each individual flat having its own concept and furniture unique to that space.

We will have your furniture delivered and installed within 10 days, however, if you need something quicker please feel free to reach out to us
Selling a home or flat can become time-consuming and many times aren't tailored to the buyer's market. We can provide a full home staging package bespoke to your needs and timeframes. At Hexadot we will evaluate the property and go through the details of expectations and can then create tailored staging.
Every detail will be perfect and aimed towards a buyers market, giving an optimum advantage to your sale. We can focus solely on a single space or an entire home, we believe creating a lasting impression is key.
Creating our client's vision sometimes goes further than your normal interior design scope. Hexadot has paired up with a local Construction company, giving us the edge to help construct your vision in a bigger light. With the experience and knowledge of our partners, paired with our design we have been able to complete full renovations on several projects. We can provide a detailed scope of works and timescales of completion incorporated with our design package. Our team can provide anywhere from a single extension to a full home renovation.
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